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$25 to $125 per day


100,000 to 2.4 Million People


New Customers


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  The power of mass media is in the mass consumer reach. Unlike experienced media buyers, unfortunately too often we hear about local Oklahoma business owners being duped into believing they are getting a deal on the price of a billboard. Local business owners should avoid “Deals” that involve cheap face rent on roads less traveled, where you actually wind up paying more for each consumer reached.

 We sometimes refer to this phenomenon as the “billboard in the desert” (desert = surface street, low traffic, non-highway billboard). Professional media buyers are typically concerned with the total number of daily consumers reached, and the metric they use to value that reach is the “CPM” or Cost to Reach 1000 Consumers.

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Digital Billboard Buyers Beware

Another unfortunate media buying occurrence involves digital billboards where small business owners were sold lower monthly budget “deals” that involve excessive audience fragmentation. The obvious nature of digital billboards involves the rotation of advertisers every 8 seconds.

Typically there are a maximum of 6 to 8 advertisers. More recently we are hearing about local business owners being sold lower-priced campaigns sometimes referred to as Digital Flex or Digital Rotaries where 3 or 4 advertisers share the same 8 eight-second spots in essence only displaying their content once every 24 or 32 spots. While in fact a lower budget option, this level of audience fragmentation is failing to deliver sufficient reach which in turn is failing to produce results for these local business owners.

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Whistler Billboards is your Performance Partner

As opposed to working with a self-serving sales rep, that is really a glorified lease agent “renting space” (whom you rarely hear from after signing their contract), problems can be avoided by working with a performance partner who is genuinely dedicated to helping you continuously improve sales results. Results-oriented customer service creates lifetime relationships.