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The Front Door to Your Money

Your company’s telephone experience is your customer’s first impression and the front door to your money. Does it matter how many people you reach, or how many phone leads you generate if your team fails to convert them into scheduled and kept new customers, clients, students, or patient appointments?

The Big Problem

In a study conducted across 100 Oklahoma City and Tulsa service-based companies, private practice doctors offices, and schools, the average business was not answering 1 in 3 or 33% of their new customer calls, and the average conversion rate was only 1 in 5 or 20% (prior to a process, training, transparency, and incentives).
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The Solution

Do you have a proven process for your telephone experience? Has your team been professionally trained and role-played to unconscious competency? Are your team’s customer experience and conversion performance transparent and accountable? Are they properly motivated? Do you have the right talent for this most important revenue-generating responsibility?