Website Auto Responders, Email, Videos, Folder with Inserts, White Papers, and Handwritten Cards

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How bad do you want their business?

After you receive a new customer (…client, student, or patient) call, will they ever hear from your team again? Would it make a difference to your conversion rate and sales revenue if you followed through and saw every lead to completion?


Emails, Videos, Handwritten Notes, and Folders & Inserts
Would it make a difference in the customers’ purchasing decisions if, after they send a website form submission or call your business, by email they received references and testimonials, advantages communicating meaningful reasons why customers choose you, benefits on how you make your customer’s lives better, and a white paper that educates customers on how to select the right provider for your industry? Would it build high trust if they received a handwritten note on company-branded bi-fold stationary cards? Would it increase persuasion if they received a link to product, service, explanatory, mission, and testimonial videos? Would it make a difference if they received a folder with inserts, business card and cover letter in the mail?
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Increase Conversion Rates & Achieve Your Revenue Goals

What is the lifetime value of your customer? How bad do you want their business? How bad do you want to achieve your revenue goals? Join our top producers, try harder and relentlessly follow through to see every lead to completion. Let Whistler’s professional copywriting, creative design, photography, and videography team build you a world-class follow-through, conversion tool set for your business.