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Our Story

Celebrating 25 years of excellence, Whistler Billboards stands proud as the largest privately held billboard company in Oklahoma. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing outstanding advertising solutions, and today, we manage over 1000 billboard faces across the state’s two largest cities and their surrounding corridors.

Our Journey

Whistler Billboards was founded by Shawn Whistler, a visionary entrepreneur who started his business journey in college with a single vending machine. This early venture not only helped him pay his way through college but also sparked a profound interest in business operations and customer service. Shawn’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to the world of outdoor advertising, where he acquired his first billboard structure. This step was just the beginning of what would become a leading force in the Oklahoma billboard industry.
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Our Growth

From a single billboard, Shawn has grown the company into a major player in the industry with a thousand faces illuminating the most strategic locations throughout Oklahoma. Our billboards are prominently displayed in both bustling city centers and key suburban areas, ensuring maximum visibility for our clients' campaigns.
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Our Commitment

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our corporate office is the heart from which we operate our extensive network. Whistler Billboards is more than just a company; it’s a local business partner committed to boosting brand visibility while supporting the economic growth of the communities we serve. We take pride in our roots and are honored to still serve our very first client, a testament to our commitment to long-term relationships and consistent client satisfaction.
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Our Expertise

Shawn Whistler is not only the owner but also the primary salesman, providing personalized service that is rare in today's automated world. His profound knowledge and passion for billboards drive the company's success and innovation in the competitive market of outdoor advertising.
Shawn Whistler giving a talk at a billboard conference in louisville kentucky

Our Community

At Whistler, we believe we have an obligation and responsibility to make other people’s lives better—our clients, team members, vendor partnerships, and those in need. We believe our community should be better off because we were here. This core philosophy guides every aspect of our operations and inspires us to maintain high standards of integrity and service. We strive to create impactful connections not only through our billboards but through meaningful community engagement and support.
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Whistler Billboards

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