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Marketing Attribution

Assess the value or return on investment, of the channels that connect your brand to potential customers. Learn how customers came to know about and buy your product or service. Consumer behavior is rarely as simple as a single search or single media source leading to a conversion. For smarter media investment decisions, get clarity on the true contribution of every media channel.

Measure & Improve Results

Whistler’s monthly performance reporting empowers advertisers to model customer journeys by tracking their Reach, Lead Generation, and Conversions.

  • Media Reach: Daily/Weekly/Monthly Traffic
  • Web Traffic: Organic, Paid, Referred, & Direct Search Traffic, Website Form Submissions, Texts, Chats
  • Call Traffic: Click to Dials, VOIP Call Recording, Customer Experience & Conversion Auditing
  • Foot Traffic: Web Camera Retail traffic and Cloud-Based Sales Tracking