The Unstoppable Rise of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising: Source OAAA

May 8, 2024
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Recent data released by The Out of Home Advertising Association (OAAA) underscores the powerful impact of DOOH on consumer behavior and advertising efficacy.

At Whistler Billboards, where we’ve been significantly increasing our digital inventory across Tulsa and Oklahoma City’s bustling corridors, these findings resonate deeply with our mission and experiences.

A Preferred Medium with Proven Results

According to the OAAA and a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, an impressive 73% of consumers view DOOH advertisements favorably, a statistic that dwarfs the approval ratings of traditional media forms like television, social media, and print. This favorability is crucial for advertisers aiming for impact and memorability in their campaigns.

What’s even more compelling is the action-driven nature of DOOH ads. The study found that 76% of those who viewed a DOOH ad took action afterward—visiting a store, making a purchase, or engaging with the brand online. This clearly indicates DOOH’s power to attract eyes and spur movement, aligning perfectly with Whistler Billboards’ strategy of dominating visual landscapes with engaging content.

The Whistler Billboards Experience

Over the past few years, Whistler Billboards has focused on enhancing and expanding its digital billboard offerings. Our LED digital billboard screens, strategically placed in high-traffic areas across Tulsa and Oklahoma City, have beautified the urban scenery and provided an effective platform for advertisers to reach their target audiences. This aligns with the broader industry trend, where DOOH’s share of total OOH advertising spend has been climbing steadily, reflecting the growing recognition of its value among marketers.

Our internal data echo the OAAA’s findings, showing that digital billboards capture attention and drive real engagement. Advertisers with us often report increased foot traffic and sales following campaigns run on our digital screens. These billboards offer dynamic, timely content that can be adjusted based on data such as time of day, weather, or current events, making them incredibly practical for contextual advertising.

Consumer Engagement and Interactivity

The Harris Poll’s study highlights how DOOH stands out for reaching consumers and engaging them creatively and interactively. Entertaining, clever, or visually striking advertisements will draw consumer action. In fact, 80% of respondents indicated they are likely to take action after seeing such DOOH ads.

This aspect of DOOH is essential in a market like Oklahoma City, where the cultural vibrancy and youthful demographic lend themselves well to innovative, eye-catching advertising. Whistler Billboards takes pride in offering advertisers the ability to craft immersive experiences seen, interacted with, and shared, particularly on social platforms.

Driving Retail and Digital Synergies

One of the most intriguing insights from the study is the symbiotic relationship between DOOH advertising and mobile engagement. Approximately 74% of mobile users reported acting on their devices after seeing a DOOH ad. These actions ranged from online searches about the advertised products to visiting the brand’s website or social media pages.

At Whistler Billboards, we’ve capitalized on this trend by integrating QR codes and social media tags into our digital displays, bridging the gap between physical advertisements and digital actions. This strategy enhances the consumer’s journey from seeing an ad to engaging with the brand online, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

The Future Is Bright for DOOH

The Harris Poll and the OAAA findings provide a compelling case for the continued investment in digital out-of-home advertising. As DOOH technology evolves and integrates more with digital analytics and real-time data, its effectiveness and efficiency will increase.

Whistler Billboards remains committed to leading this charge in Oklahoma City, ensuring our advertisers enjoy the highest visibility and engagement possible. The future of advertising is digital, and it’s out-of-home. At Whistler Billboards, we’re excited to be at the forefront of this dynamic industry.

As we expand our digital inventory and innovate our offerings, we invite advertisers to join us in crafting compelling, action-driving campaigns that resonate with audiences and deliver measurable results. The era of digital out-of-home advertising is here to stay, and its potential is limitless.


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