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connect your brand. generate leads. drive sales.

Whistler Billboards connect brands to Oklahoma City and Tulsa audiences; visually influences consumers to take action on their mobile devices and pathways to purchase; and drive sales by building brand preference and generating high-quality leads.

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Revenue Growth Partner

As your revenue growth partner, Whistler provides you a marketing funnel with everything you need to:
  • Reach
  • Generate Leads
  • Convert New Customers
  • Measure & Improve Results

Why OOH Billboards

billboards drive consumers from big screens to small screens
66% of billboard viewers take action on their mobile phones and pathways to purchase after seeing an OOH billboard ad.
SOURCE: Nielsen Out-of-Home Advertising Study 2019
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How Much Does Billboard Advertising Cost?

whistler billboards will reach the most for the least
The cost of billboard advertising in Oklahoma City and Tulsa is $25 to $83 per day per billboard and is dependent on the type of billboard, term of the campaign, location, and traffic (size of the audience). We guarantee to reach the most people at the lowest cost.


$25 to $83 per day


100,000 to 2.4 Million People


New Customers
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Best Tulsa & Oklahoma City Billboard Locations

real world, audience based targeting
Our location-based advertising connects brands to Oklahoma City and Tulsa audiences with geographic precision. Whistler Billboards surround and immerse consumers where they live, work, shop, and play during the 70% of the day they spend Out-of-Home. Intelligently target consumers by city, suburb, corridor, school district, zip codes, or even household income.

Best Creative

generate high-quality leads

Whistler’s creative outdoor advertising is more memorable, longer-lasting, and efficiently works with less media spend.  Our professional copywriting and creative design team are experts at driving:

  • Web Traffic to Your Site
  • Call Traffic to Your Phone
  • Foot Traffic to Your Door
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Best Results

whistler success stories
Over the last 6 years, Whistler has helped us build our brand, generate an abundance of new patient leads, and grow our annual deposits an additional $1.5 million dollars per year.
Dr. Rick Freeman, D.D.S. Perfect Smiles, Moore OK

More than a
Billboard Company

All of your out-of-home billboards, in-home direct mail, social media Facebook advertising, online Google Ads and SEO, web development, telephone conversion training, follow-through lead nurturing tools, call tracking, retail traffic & sales tracking, and Performance Reporting under one awesome Oklahoma roof.

Put Your Foot on the Gas. Let’s Roll!

Let us know where you need coverage, desired start date, term of the campaign, and campaign objectives and we’ll rapidly deliver a proposal back to you with some client references, cool creative concepts, and our Best Price Guarantee!